Corner edge foam safety protection, guard, padding.


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Outer Dimensions
4" x 4 " x 4 " x 5/8" thick
10cm. x 10cm. x 10cm. x 1.7cm. thick
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue
Indigo Purple Grey Ivory Black
For 3-Way Corners Combine Jumbo Guards & Basic Corner Strips
Boing Safety Padding - Reduce accidents and increase safety. Unique skin-urethane shock absorbing padding is excellent to cover all types wall areas as well as linear corners and 3-dimensional corners. The product is manufactured with a leather-like skin that offers excellent abrasion resistance, waterproofing and anti-bacterial properties. The corner strips are best for providing protection along linear corners including room corners, edges, ledges, overhangs and square posts. Boing is excellent for all recreational, medical, educational, school, sports, special needs facilities. Also great for homes, gyms, restaurants, playgrounds, parks, parking agrages, schools, churches, pre-schools, nurseries, family entertainment centers, amusement parks, water parks and special needs. We also have industrial, commercial and military customers. The safety padding can be used indoors and outdoors and is easy to apply using silicone adhesive. Easy to clean and maintain. The product is available in 7 attractive colors. Can be applied to brick, concrete, wood, metal.
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