Foam corner guard strips protect people from hazardous and dangerous corners and edges.

How do you clean and maintain the safety padding?

Under normal circumstances, little maintenance is required. Cleaning of surface dirt should be undertaken with normal household cleaning materials that are "non-abrasive". Limit your use of "solvent based" cleaners to the toughest cleaning jobs - follow manufacturers instructions. Unfortunately certain kinds of permanent markers like ballpoint pens and felt pens cannot be completely removed as the ink seeps into the surface layer.


The Environmental Protection Agency recommends simple soap to use as a disinfectant. You can also use a mixture of water and bleach sprayed onto the surface and promptly wiped clean/dry. The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends a one-part chlorine bleach to 100 parts water to parts water to properly disinfect. You can use up to 10% bleach/water - but not more.

Other options:

- there are many essential oils, such as clove, lavender and tae tree oil that are natural fungicides.
- Grapefruit seed extract is also an antiseptic.
- Use one teaspoon of oil to two cups of water in a spray bottle. Make sure to avoid any eye contact.

A mixture containing greater than 30% Isopropyl Alcohol is not recommended as it can damage the integral skin coating

It safe to use around acids?

We are currently undertaking tests to evaluate the effect of industrial acids such as hydrochloric and sulfuric. If you have any other questions, please Contact Us.