Boing Safety provides a range of product information including, but not limited to website pages with pricing, FAQ’s, testimonials, photo gallery, color chart, testing summary etc. The customer also has the option to contact BoingSafety to ask any product specific questions. Lack of product awareness on the part of the customer is not covered by the warranty.

The product must be used in the ways it was intended. Under normal use, the products are expected to last several years. Excessive use will reduce life expectancy. Examples of the types of applications are noted on the product pages, gallery and testimonials. Product non-performance from use for which the product is not intended is not valid for a warranty claim

During the first year, after the original date of purchase, Network USA (dba Boing Safety). will, directly, or, through its authorized dealer, replace any parts, which are defective in workmanship or material if and when the product has been subject to normal use. This warranty does not cover puncture from sharp objects, etc., slashing, cutting, marks from abrasive products, flames, high heat, extreme and/or extended sun exposure, graffiti, vandalism or other damage due to accidental causes or intentional or unintentional misuse. It is the responsibility of the consumer to establish the original purchase date for the purpose of the warranty such as a bill of sale, canceled check or some other appropriate payment record.
The skin urethane product has some UV additives, but under prolonged exposure to sunlight and/or UV rays, the product will eventually fade. The rate of fading depends on the amount of time the product is exposed to UV rays. Such fading is not covered under the warranty.

The customer must follow the recommended installation instructions to use specific types of adhesives - as these adhesives have been tested to work in a variety of, but not all, situations and conditions. If other adhesives are used the warranty is null and void.
The customer must follow the recommended options found on installation instructions page.

We do not offer an exchange policy unless delivery is in person to our office. Goods must be returned according to our "RETURN" policy. Any credit can then be applied toward a new purchase.

Please read carefully the following terms of sale information for each of the following:
1. New Product
2. Used Product
3. Cancelled Orders

The customer is responsible for adhering to the terms and conditions of sale including the return policy.

  *** Must be requested within 30 days the order was placed ***
a. If a customer desires to return “new” unused, padding products customer must:
  1) Call or e-mail Network USA/BoingSafety to obtain a “RETURN AUTHORIZATION” # and instructions
  2) Arrange the product return (UPS or Fed-Ex type service) at customer’s own cost to:
  Network USA Inc
136 Walker Street
Atlanta GA 30313
  3) Packaging must be clearly marked as per the Return Authorization instructions which are sent to customer.
  4) Contact BoingSafety with the shipper tracking numbers so we can track shipment
b. After the Boing padding has arrived in “satisfactory” condition, we will inspect it to ensure all items are re-saleable.
  We will charge a 20% re-stocking fee to cover the cost to check and re-pack in a new box(es).
  The cost of replacing with any “new” components will be deducted from any refund to the customer
c. Neither the initial freight cost, nor the return freight cost to BoingSafety will be refunded to the customer.
d. If the shipper box(es) was/were damaged on initial arrival at the customer’s address, it is the customer’s responsibility to obtain
  suitable shipping materials to send Boing padding back to BoingSafety - customer may submit claim for the damaged “boxes”
  with Fed-Ex. (See Policy on Damaged Shipper Boxes)

There will be no refund if the safety padding has been opened and used (ie taken out of the box and set-up, installed or used). The customer has the option to “re-sell” the safety padding themselves locally through newspapers, Ebay or other forms of advertising.

a. If a customer wishes to cancel an order without incurring any fees or charges, the cancellation must be confirmed by Boing Saftey “before” the product has been picked up by the shipping carrier (FedEx)

b. If the order has already been processed and is somewhere in transit, the customer shall have the option to “refuse shipment” when it is delivered by the shipper (FedEx). It is the customer’s responsibility to personally refuse the delivery from the driver. We cannot do that for you. You will still be charged for the freight and any re-packing charges as applicable if packaging has been damaged in transit..

c. If the product has been delivered anyway by FedEx without signature, it is the customer’s responsibility to ship the play panel back to BoingSafety as per the “return” address above at your own cost.

d. In either case, customer must request BoingSafety for a Return Authorization (see above process) in order to receive a refund for the product.

The following shipping instructions are for the continental USA. Please also see below shipping instructions to Hawaii, Alaska, APO, Canada and international.


1. Delivery Method
When you order in the continental USA, all the basic shipping prices are clearly indicated on the website shopping cart. These shipping prices are based on Fedex Ground rates according to the weight dimensions and destination Zip.

Generally, Fedex will deliver to most business and residential locations. Unless specified, or unless deemed not to be suitable, the Fedex driver may leave a package in a “safe” location if the customer is not there. To guarantee delivery, customer will need to specify “Signature Required” for delivery. (Additional charge)

The larger, heavier items will be delivered by truck. There are 4 options for truck unloading:
a. Truck backs up to a loading dock - offload directly from the truck.
b. Customer offloads manually from back of truck. Do not count on driver’s assistance
c. Delivery on a “lift-gate” truck. Additional charge. Driver lowers pallet to ground only.
d. Inside delivery. Additional charge. Driver will deliver inside (depends on product/locations)

2. Shipping Time
The times will vary with the product, delivery method and the season. Generally, allow 5-15 business days from the date of the order and/or payment approval. You will be notified by phone or e-mail if there will be a longer delay. Particularly for the Christmas season, please order in plenty of time.

3. Express Deliveries
“Express” delivery is available for certain products to certain destinations.

4. Damage Claim
 BoingSafety requires all damages to be reported at the time of delivery
 Damages can be as a result of:
- shipping (continue below with steps you need to take)
- manufacturer’s defect. See Warranty
 Please ensure that you inspect all the goods in your order as soon as it arrives. If the box or crate appears to be damaged or punctured, that’s a clue that the contents may also be damaged.
 BoingSafety is NOT responsible for damages cause by the freight carrier.
 If on inspection you find such unacceptable damage to the product, do not accept the shipment. Write “DAMAGED” on the bill of lading or delivery receipt the driver gives you. Contact BoingSafety immediately.
 Contact the carrier’s main office and request an inspection. If you do not do this we cannot help you.
 After you have opened your order, if you find some hidden damages, please contact BoingSafety. Please save the boxes and we will help you file a freight claim and try and get the necessary parts (if possible) to make the product meet factory specifications. If the freight company is at fault, they will compensate you for the damages/repair/replacement.
 If you find that there is a defect in the product that was not caused by the shipping, this will be processed as a warranty claim. See Warranty

5. Non-delivery
Fedex ships thousands of packages on a daily basis. There may be rare occasions where Fedex picks up a package from BoinSafety and then does not deliver because the package got misplaced or lost in their system. Once Fedex has picked up and provided a confirmation of pickup, BoingSafety has no legal responsibility for the package. We will help the customer identify the lost package problem and report it to Fedex. Once Fedex confirms they have lost the product, they will authorize a "re-shipment" of the lost product and assume the cost of shipment for that product. BoingSafety will then pack the replacement product and turn over to Fedex for delivery

6. Tracking
If the delivery time of a product has exceeded an acceptable time limit, please contact BoingSafety customer service at 800-477-6434 or 404-521-9054 and we will obtain the tracking number or other confirmation of shipment



7. Hawaii and Alaska
There are several options:
a. Alaska
- Option 1 - Fedex Air
- Option 2 - Truck freight
- Option 3 - Fedex Ground to consolidator you select on West Coast - to Alaska via ship

b. Hawaii
- Option 1 - Fedex Air
- Option 2 - Fedex Ground to consolidator you select on West coast - to Hawaii via ship

For Alaska and Hawaii, BoingSafety will deliver to the consolidator of your selection, but will take no further responsibility for the products beyond that point.

Many of the products can be shipped to APO/FPOs addresses by USA Postal Service Priority Mail. Orders must be limited to products with weights of under 70 lbs and size limits of the Post Office. The rate will vary with the zone.

8. Canada
Most products originating in the USA can be shipped to Canada. The freight rates quoted on the website shopping cart are based on Fedex ground to the USA destination - so please contact us for Canadian freight rates.

All the brokerage fees, duties, and HST and other taxes are the responsibility of the customer. We have no way of determining those in advance.

For Canadian orders, Fedex will collect these fees directly from the customer. For orders where the customer has a designated Customs Broker, the shipping documentation will include the contact details for that broker.

Exceptions to this policy are negotiated on a case by case basis.

10. International
Many of the individual products are very costly to ship outside the continental USA and Canada, so we have not established a specific shipping policy for individual items. Quotations will be provided on an individual order basis. If a customer is ordering larger quantities such as a 20' ocean container, we offer ex-works terms.